Look Cool: Be a bronzed Bluxom babe

What up Summertime!

SO ready, but SO not going to compromise my face in the sun. 

Enter Rochelle: Rocking it out with the most amazing Bronzed look. 

I cannot tell you enough how stoked I am to start playing with bronzer over my ten layers of sunscreen. 

Watch the tutorial HERE  and stalk the products after the photo's 

Look Cool: Rochelle teaches us how to do a Spring look.

I have been wanting to look cooler for a while. So, I started asking my cool friends how they get so cool. 

I have known Rochelle since 2009, and I have loved her since the day I met her. She is a talented hair stylist, make up artist and all around rad person. I can't forget to mention her style is next level. A solid mix of unicorn, street, modern and funk. She's cute as hell and lucky for YOU she is going to teach us her ways every Wednesday on Bluxom Salon Facebook and IG live!

You can Check the video HERE

If you LOVE what you saw, we made it easy for you and linked to all of the products Rochelle used. 

Next up Ro is going to teach us a glowing summer look. Bronzed for days. 

What type of looks do you want to see?

I totally hink me and my unprofessional make up skillz should teach you my dewy (sweaty) look. No?