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6 Hair extension myths busted.


Last month I had the absolute please of takin Erica from up to the @Easihairpro headquarters to hook her up with a new look. 

Erica is badass, this wasn't her first go round with extensions but after a couple of thorough consultations it was clear she did want extensions she just needed to be paired with a brand that is very EASI to wear. Mic Crop, enter Easihair Pro. 

Many times I have clients who have explored extensions and had little success, breakage, breakage of the bank or quality issues. My job is to identify what theire needs are and pair them up with solutions that will provide them with hair they LOVE. For Erica that meant 20" length treatment. Stalk the pricing below




Last month Erica published my 6 Extension myths that just aren't true when you are using the right method for YOU. Now I will share them with Ya'll. 

Myth: tape in extensions are heavy.

Truth: Not all tape is created equal. Unlike many brands Easihair Pro tape is the only patented tape for the way it is cross stitched and the weight of each panel is balanced to be delicate on your hair. Leaving it feeling as if it has grown out of your own head and rarely feeling like “added” weight.

Bottom line, they should never feel “too heavy” or like “too much hair”.

Myth:I can’t sweat, swim or be adventurous with extensions.

Truth: While any professional would advise you that swimming and intense activity is “at your own risk” with extensions. This method is made for the modern woman who is going from spin class, to the beach, to the blow out bar, air drying and repeat.

I suggest clients wear their hair in a low pony for the beach and detangle + dry only the roots/tape for an air dry look.

Myth: extensions are expensive, and you have to get new hair every time.

Truth: While some methods only offer the all or nothing package, yet with Easihair Pro tape in you can add volume for as little at $150 or wear your hair like Erica’s for $950. Keep in mind you get to REUSE this hair up to three times! Your maintenance would look like $400 to move them up the next two visits.

While yes, it’s not free, knowing you can have your dream hair for under a grand is hot.


Myth: I can’t wear my hair up

Truth: Not even a thing. Granted it may take some time getting used to the placement and your stylist may need to adjust things based on how high or low you like to wear your hair. You should absolutely be able to wear your hair up, down, braided, half up all around.

Also, you gotta rock it, If someone see’s your tape and ask if your hair is real the answer is yes it’s real, and you paid for it so it’s yours <3

Myth: They take SO long to put in

Truth: Generally you are here for two hours for a cut + color minimum. Adding extensions would take an extra 15-45 minutes depending on how your look. It integrates well into the standard clients appointments. Unlike some methods that can take up to 4 hours!

Myth: I tried tape in and it left residue and pulled out some hair.

Truth: It is natural to shed over 100 individual hair’s in a day! When wearing tape in extensions, or any method for that matter, some of that hair shed will get stuck in the extension only to be revealed during removal. With Easihair Pro we will educate you on what is normal and what isn’t.

When the proper products and amount of product is used to remove and re tape your extensions you should have ZERO residue. Sorry to say, but if you have residue they are doing it wrong.