Hairlines + Highlights


Hairlines + Highlights


Master hairline detailing and modern Highlighting in this morning workshop with Bluxom owner @marchellerenee. 

WHEN: Tuesday August 22nd 10am-Complete

WHY: Do you struggle with lightening to a true level 10? Does your toner always take too heavy? Whats a root melt? How do I get that bright yet blended money piece? If you find yourself asking any of these questions this class is for you.

LOVE: Head back to your chair with a new found confidence in lightening hair with control and precision.


+Licensed or in Cosmetology school

+Comfortable with foil work




+Proven and repeatable consultation to create clarity on service, process, time and price for your client.

+Product (lightener, toners, foils, tail comb, capes, bowls etc.)


+Photo's of your work

+Pricing suggestions


What you will need:

+Model (see below)

+Your hair kit (blow dryer, brushes, scissors, clips, etc.)

+items to take notes 


Models arrive at 11am (Must provide your own model)

Ideal Model Req's

+Level 5 natural or above

+Regrowth of at least 1/2 inch

+Hair with integrity, no compromised hair

+Model must be open to change and going lighter

+Model must be available until 3pm in case we run over

+We suggest you charge your "model" privately to recoup the cost of class, cos you are worth it!

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