Before your appointment you will need to sign our waiver and screening questionaire prior to entering the facility. The waiver is sent via your confirmation text and email. When you arrive for your appointment please text us and we will send our screening questionaire. When this is complete your stylist will come OUT of the salon to greet you.


If you have a fever or any COVID-19 related symptoms within the last 14 days we will happily re-schedule your appointment No Charge. 


Face masks will be required at all times in our facility. Please arrive wearing your personal ear loop mask. If you arrive without one we will not be able to perform services and our No Show fee does apply. 


No waiting area. Upon arrival please wait in your car or on the teal benches out front. Then text 619-255-4779 to let us know you are here. We will send our questionaire to customise your visit. Once that is complete your stylist will greet you at the door to allow entry. DO NOT enter the salon previous to your stylist greeting you. If texting isn't your thing, you can call :-)


Physical Distancing will be observed between each station. This means a limited capacity in our schedule for the time being. Please pre-book all appointments before leaving your current appointment. Please respect the physical distancing between yourself other clients and your stylist. 


Upon entry to the salon please use hand sanitizer and your stylist will take your temperature. Then they will walk you to the lavatory where you will change into a service robe and wash your hands. 


All color services require a shampoo, we suggest removing your ear loops and holding the mask with your hands to avoid getting it completely wet. 

If you are coming in for a haircut only you may wash at home and arrive with clean, wet hair. You may also minimize time in the salon by requesting to forego a blodry. We cannot make adjustments to our pricing as we will be booking out our full time per person to adhere to capacity guidelines. 


Contactless Payments and Retail. 

We will use contacless payments/cards on file as a default. Please let your stylist know if you need any retail items so they may add them to your ticket and remove them from the shelf for you. We are still accepting payments in the form of Credit cards, Appple or Android pay, Cash and Gift Cards. 

(619) 255-4779

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